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Chromatical Club

Creative + Business
= Chromatical Club

If you want to have your own team of knowledgable business & marketing experts at your fingertips, to help you grow your business, at a teeny fraction of the price of 1 on 1 consultations... you are going to lose the PLOT over Chromatical Club.

Give me the lowdown Trish!

You got it.

  • Get custom answers to your business questions by industry experts who totally get you, because we're one of you
  • It's for e-commerce businesses, service-based businesses, makers, copywriters, designers, artists, creatives, marketers, photographers, shop owners, bigger businesses, side hustlers, solopreneurs, or ANYONE with a love of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  • If you want help with Facebook Ads, Instagram strategy, email newsletters, Google ads, SEO, website updates, copywriting, business strategy, photography, sales funnels, video marketing, values & purpose, branding, testimonials, products, services, influencers, photo editing, opt-ins and lead magnets, blogging strategy, podcasts, content marketing, event, YouTube, IGTV, LinkedIn, online courses, chatbots, PR, automation, newsletters, artificial intelligence, press releases, create products, list building. or simply 'what do I do now'
  • If you need support with burn out, stress, loneliness, if you're feeling lost or stuck or if you've lost your business mojo. If you're having issues with a tricky client situation, or family who don't support you we have your back
  • Connect and collaborate with other passionate business folk who want to see you succeed and want your help succeeding. Hit up the range of service-based businesses or creators to collab on a project or to meet up with IRL
  • Be challenged by the fortnightly challenges. Step out of your comfort zone and be pushed to stretch your business in ways you never thought you could
  • Stay accountable by sharing your plans. We're all watching and ready to cheer you on at the finish line or push you when you need
  • Learn and upskill by watching and participating in the Live Q&A videos, by reading the articles, by following others' advice and questions, by asking the questions that will help you get to the next level, by reading the weekly questions of the week, by being a part of this AMAZING tribe
  • It's NOT on Facebook and there are NO algorithms. Your posts will get seen. You can choose what you want to see or you can browse everything and sort by chronological, most popular, or last interacted with. You control what you see.

Your concerns squashed!

I shared a feedback form with members asking what might have held them back from joining. Here are a few of their answers.

Meet the 60+ Members who are ready to be on your team

Click the image below to check out all of the incredible members.
From brand new businesses through to the established.
Including Artists, Copywriters, Coaches, Makers, Photographers, Stylists, Marketers Designers, and more.

Alright alright, tell me the price!

Membership is just $19.99usd per month (Approx $30aud). #bargainofthecentury

That's like, one Uber Eats per month... to help you build your business!!

Actually, let me give you some context as to how little the price is compared to the massive value.

This equals about $1AUD per day... Compare that to my hourly consulting rate of $250AUD per hour and honestly, it's the best value you could ever invest in for your business.

There are no commitments because I know you'll love it and want to stay.
If the club isn't your kind of jam, you can cancel at any time. No strings. Ever.

What I can promise? If you use the club, if you ask your questions, if you join in the live Q&A's and action the challenges, you will see results.

Chromatical Club actually makes a difference in your business.

What does the membership include?

  • An all-access pass to the Chromatical Club Community held right here, far far away from social media distractions, where all the mega valuable training, brainstorming, collabing, connecting, upskilling and mentoring takes place. There's only one plan you can join, at the lowest of low prices, and you get it access to it ALL
  • Access to Trish - Entrepreneur, leading marketing specialist, serial business owner, small business devotee, creative, and an all-round good human - for a fraction of the price of her 1 on 1 mentoring sessions
  • The best, most real kind of help... that works that will help your business grow. This includes access to all previous videos, a database of historical questions and solutions from other creatives, genuinely caring members who want to see you grow and who bother to put in the time to write you detailed responses that will have an impact
  • A place on our members' page
  • Lifetime Pricing Your price is locked-in for as long as you wish to remain a club member. Yep. No matter how many times the price goes up for new members, your price will never change for the entire duration of your membership

Why did I create this?

I know there is a need for affordable business and marketing support in the creative industry.

Not everyone can afford to work 1 on 1 with a marketing or business coach, so I wanted to create something where people could get help at a totally do-able price that was MEGA high in value. And! Where everyone could help everyone else with their unique knowledge and business experiences too.

This is a safe, kind, respectful and generous online space for creatives to support each other's creative endeavours, and also a place I can help support you and help you grow.

Wondering what else members have to say about the club?

Sit back for a club tour

A quick note: This was filmed back when the club was in BETA testing (before it had even launched) and it was without a great deal of content or members.
The navigation you see is similar, but there is a LOT more to see now.


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